Exploring Chinese Orchestral Music Series #4

Lianghui Lu: Winter
Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra, Tien-Ku Percussion Group / Chih-Sheng Chen / National Concert Hall, Taipei, Taiwan. 2010.8.23

Have you ever seen snow by the Great Wall? Have you ever seen the winter of the North? Winter thrusts at us ruthless north winds, snow, and frigid temperatures. Winter also exhibits in majestic grandeur its many wonders, promising bountiful harvests and infinite hopes to come; hidden behind a seemingly endless cold winter awaits the vitality of life.

The composer praises the beautiful side of winter. It is written in sonata form:

Introduction: Within the dazzling white snowstorm and whistling north winds, skiers are darting around on the icy plain; the music with its fast tempo presents a snow covered northern landscape.

The first section (Exposition): Miles of icy land, thousands of miles of floating snow and pure white capped mountains, form this “Winter March.” The adagio part expresses reverence and praise for the land under the spell of winter.

The second section (Development): Under this silvery world enveloped by floating snow, are living creatures and also the beginnings of new life.

The third section (Recapitulation): People revel heartily in their winter festivities. Winter means that hard work for the year has ended and a new year is about to begin, with the anticipation of spring and its boundless hopes and possibilities.
(Translation: A Ko/P Chan)