Exploring Chinese Orchestral Repertoire Series #13

Jianmin Wang: China Caprice No. 1
Dizi: Mei-Yu Shih / Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra / Chih-Sheng Chen / National Concert Hall, Taipei, Taiwan. 2013.1.24

The dizi (Chinese bamboo flute) concerto “China Caprice No.1” was commissioned by the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra in April 2012. The music is based on fundamental characteristics of Jiangnan’s folk songs, Pingtan (combination of narrative and instrument solo), opera and other folk music. This challenging concerto makes full use of the Chinese bamboo flute’s performance techniques and expression. The music depicts the earth’s rejuvenation, with all living things, and is rich in emotion and urban charm.
(Trans: Kiah Mok Goh/Edit: Patty Chan)

gCO 小巨人絲竹樂團
天鼓擊樂團Tien-Ku Percussion Group
Chih-Sheng Chen