Exploring Chinese Orchestral Repertoire Series #24

Chen Nan Huang (Arranger): Peach Blossoms
Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra / Chih-Sheng Chen / National Recital Hall, Taipei, Taiwan. 2018.11.7.
Peach Blossoms is an adaptation of a traditional Taiwanese Chegu opera song. Chegu opera emerged from traditional song and dance troupes in Taiwan. Its melodies and plots such as Aberdeen and Peach Blossom Girl are well known for their witty and entertaining dialogues. The original Peach Blossoms is a duet, using seasonal and festive topics to highlight the everyday life of men and women in the village.
This piece has been arranged for string ensemble. It retains the original tune with added string instrument performance techniques that stylistically depict the interaction between men and women. The music also uses some percussion instruments commonly used in Chegu operas to add a traditional folk flavour.
(Translation: Calvin Chan / Edit: Patty Chan)