Exploring Chinese Orchestral Repertoire Series #59

Yunfei WANG: Hangzhou Paradise Dizi Concerto (Taiwan premiere)

Dizi: Sijun WEI / Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra, Tien-Ku Percussion Group / Chih-Sheng CHEN / National Concert Hall / Taipei, Taiwan / Video: Jacob Audio and Video Arts, Jacob Chang / Audio: Chao-Hui Wang. 2019.01.24.

This work is based on two beautiful sceneries in Hangzhou (杭州).

1. “The Misty Cloud” surrounds the “Baiyunyuan” (白雲源) in Tonglu, where the highest peak on the Fuchun river lies, hides much of the mountain peaks. The music describes the tranquility in the cloud-shrouded scenery.

2. “The Peaceful Water” describes the beautiful scenery around Hangzhou’s “West Lake” (西湖) from different perspectives, then finally quoting from one of SU Shi’s (蘇軾) famous poems. “If you want to compare the beauty of West Lake to the beauty of XI Shi ((西施) one of the renowned Four Beauties of ancient China), she is equally beautiful with or without heavy makeup”.

(Translation: Calvin CHAN / Edit: Patty CHAN)