Exploring Chinese Orchestral Repertoire Series #60

I-Yu WANG: The Sun (commissioned work, world premiere)

Sheng: Le Ning CHU / Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra, Tien-Ku Percussion Group / Dr. Chih-Sheng CHEN / National Concert Hall / Taipei, Taiwan 2013.07.24 / Video: Jacob Audio and Video Arts, Jacob Chang / Audio: Chao-Hui Wang. http://www.littlegiant.idv.tw/index.htm

This piece is a continuation of series of works that began in 2011 using planets as the theme: “The Blue Planet” and “Earth II”, “Black Hole” and the 2014 composition, Erhu Concerto No. 5 “Mercury”.

Individual perception of the sun may be different in all aspects: visual, auditory and tactile. For some it is a symbol of custom and ritual. Light, heat and colour are all of forms of energy. This dynamic energy also became the creative motivator, fitting for the theme of this concert. The development of this creative work continues to expand the composer’s planetary project.

(Translation: Shiyan Zhang / Edit: Patty Chan)