Exploring Mixed Ensembles Series #14

Chiu-Yu Cho: Jadeite Sprout

Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra, Nieuw Ensemble / Chih-Sheng Chen / National Recital Hall, Taipei, Taiwan / Video: Jacob Audio and Video Arts, Jacob Chang / Audio: Chao-Hui Wang 2014.12.13

The poet Ya-Hsien said: A poet who is single could create a bride in his poem. In poetry, sometimes the imaginary world can be better than reality, and sometimes worse.

Music, as one form of art, is like poetry, and is even more able to reveal the beauty that accompanies misfortune. Life today is filled with worries, restlessness, stresses and environmental concerns. Instead of collecting misfortunes, it is better to find a little happiness.

Titled Jadeite Sprout, I hope to gather different textures and feelings inspired by these two words: the hardness and virtue from “jadeite”, and the tenderness and vitality from “sprout”, combined to give myself hope.

(Edit: Patty Chan)