Exploring Solo/Small Ensembles Series #26

Zhishun AN: Six Steeds of Tang

Tien-Ku Percussion Group, Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra / Chih-Sheng Chen / Zhongshan Hall, Taipei, Taiwan 2010.8.1

Li Shimin or Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, rode six steeds during his life, conquering the whole country with his great achievements. To commemorate the heroic six steeds, Emperor Taizong specially invited craftsmen to emboss their images on stone slabs. Although it has been more than a thousand years, they are still considered national treasures. Based on historical records, the composer creatively uses changes in tempo, dynamics, rhythm, performance techniques and choreography to vividly display Emperor Taizong’s heroic and majestic posture and the image of the six steeds.

This work won first prize in the Shaanxi Provincial Seniors Arts Performance, the gold medal in National Seniors Arts Performance, the gold medal in the 7th National Arts Festival, the Grand Prize in the 7th Shanhua Folk Percussion Competition, and the gold medal in the 6th National Competition in the Disabled Arts Performance category as well as an award for composition.

(Translation: Goh Kiah Mok / Edit: Patty Chan)