1. Where can I purchase Chinese instruments in Toronto? 

You can visit Music of May Ltd., located at D3-63 Silver Star Blvd, Toronto, ON, CANADA. M1V5E5. Their website is musicofmay.com.

2. Where can I purchase a synthetic skin erhu?

Please visit ecoerhu.com to learn more and to purchase synthetic skin huqin instruments.

3. I’m a composer. Can you recommend any good reference books for Chinese instruments? 

I highly recommend The TENG Guide to the Chinese Orchestra by Wang Chenwei, Chow Junyi and Samuel Wong. It is a seminal guide to equip composers, scholars and music enthusiasts worldwide with the necessary knowledge to work with Chinese musical instruments. The INSTRUMENTATION section outlines the history, physical attributes and performance techniques of Chinese musical instruments in detail. It also includes practical scoring advice for composers and reference charts for fingerings and chords. The ORCHESTRATION section contains systematic analyses of score excerpts from Chinese orchestra pieces spanning the last 60 years to demonstrate how Chinese musical instruments work together in an orchestra.

4. I’m interested in preparing for the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) examinations and I live in Canada. Where can I get more information?

In Canada, the BC Chinese Music Association coordinates these exams. Currently, these examinations are held in October of each year in various locations across the country: Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. You may contact bccma.net for more information. In Toronto, the graded examination books can be purchased from Music of May Ltd.

5. I’ve just moved to Toronto and I play the pipa. Are there any Chinese orchestras that I could join?

The Toronto Chinese Orchestra welcomes instrumentalists to audition – they have training ensembles: Toronto Community Chinese Orchestra and Toronto Youth Chinese Orchestra; and the larger orchestra that consists of amateur and professional musicians: Toronto Chinese Orchestra. Please visit TorontoChineseOrchestra.com for more information.