Finding Belonging Documentary

A documentary by Patty Chan that explores the history and legacy of the Chinese Instrumental Music Group of Toronto (CIMGOT), Toronto’s first traditional Chinese orchestra (1969-1987). This film was created using the collected archival materials of the orchestra’s activities, the recorded interviews with the founders and members of the orchestra, and Patty’s own autoethnographic observations and experiences.


Speakers (in order of appearance): Patty Chan, Ming Chan, Ming Wong, Henry Yip, Soo Gane Won

Music (in order of performance): Auspicious Night by Liu Tianhua, performed by Patty Chan; Singing a Mountain Song, performed by CIMGOT 1979; Advancing to Victory, performed by CIMGOT 1979; Beijing has a Golden Sun, performed by CIMGOT 1979; Fishermen’s Song of the Eastern Sea by Gu Guanren and Ma Shenglong, performed by CIMGOT 1979; Chan Kol Nidre: Redemption by Patty Chan, performed by Patty Chan and Marjolaine Fournier 2017

Sources: Archival film of CIMGUT/CIMGOT: Ruddy Won; Archival posters/photos of CIMGUT/CIMGOT: Albert Wong; Archival photos of CIMGOT: Patty Chan; Photos and video of TCO/TCCO: Patty Chan; Videographers: Patty Chan, Marjolaine Fournier; Audio/Video Editing: Patty Chan

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