Interview with Zech Lim

What is life like as a huqin orchestral musician in China? In this interview, Patty Chan from the Centre for Music Innovations chats with Zech Lim about his musical journey from Malaysia to China.

Zech Teik Chuan Lim 林泽川 is currently a huqin (gaohu) player in the Suzhou Chinese Orchestra, performing both in Suzhou and has toured to Portland in the United States, and Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an in China. Additionally, Lim has performed as a soloist and guest musician: highlights include appearances with the Toronto Chinese Orchestra’s 2018 Taiwan tour and the 2017 ASEAN Youth Ensemble.

Lim graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music with a master’s degree in erhu performance; during his student years, he performed in the conservatory’s foreign student annual concert and won prizes in various competitions, including: the Malaysian “He Yue” National Open Solo Competition, bowed string Section (2014), the 3rd International Jiangnan Sizhu Competition, professional category (2015), Huazong National Huqin Solo Competition, 4th Dunhuang Cup string ensemble category, 1st Academy Awards Composition Competition at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music (2016), and the Nanyang International Music Competition, nine major China conservatories category (2017).

Zech’s performance of “Ji” by Kok Jun Phang:…