Learning the Erhu Series #29: C+ Scale with Piano (1st Position)

Patty Chan, author of Playing Erhu: Bridging the Gap, has arranged a piano accompaniment for you to play along with when practicing the C major scale, using staff notation. This is a great way to warm up during your practice session. Try to keep your left hand position relaxed and stable (minimize hand movement) when playing.

This piece will help with:

1) long bow notes – aim for smooth, consistent sound

2) rhythm – the background helps with counting and keeping a steady tempo

3) developing listening skills – intonation, following the video

4) practicing vibrato

For more information and to purchase Playing Erhu: Bridging the Gap: https://musinno.com/playing-erhu/

For online erhu lessons: https://musinno.com/lessons/

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Happy practicing!