Learn to Play the Erhu

Have you wanted to learn how to play the erhu, but could not find a how-to book in English? Introducing Playing Erhu – Bridging the Gap. A complete guide for how to get started.

What you will find inside the book

  • Assembly of the erhu
  • Reading staff and jianpu notation
  • Fingering charts for all common keys
  • Music symbols, terms, ornamentation
  • Exercises in staff and jianpu notation for each key
  • Annotated regional folksongs in staff and jianpu notation for each key
  • Download recordings of all music found in this book as performed by the author

Who is this book for?

English readers that would like to learn how to play the erhu. No music background is necessary. All instruction is step by step, with recordings for every exercise and folk song.

Additional Resources

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Introducing the Author

Instructor - Bowed stringsFounder and Director Patty Chan is a second generation Chinese Canadian Erhu musician/ Educator/Author who is passionate about creating cultural connections through music. She has taught erhu and Chinese music at York University, Ryerson University, and Carleton University. She is the President (2013-19) and Music Director (2017-19) of the Toronto Chinese Orchestra and has led and participated in exchanges and tours to Vancouver, Edmonton, Hong Kong, Beijing, Henan, Xi’an, and Taiwan.

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