Plucked Strings: Guzheng 古箏


Pentatonic scale

Left and Right Hand Techniques:

  1. Arpeggio
  2. Continuous plucking with index fingers of both hands
  3. Flowing water – repeated glissandi

Right Hand Techniques:

  1. Double stop in octaves
  2. Double stop with thumb and index finger
  3. Combination of 4 fingering techniques: inward plucking with middle finger, outward with thumb, inward with index finger, outward with thumb
  4. Tremolo with thumb and index finger
  5. Tremolo with thumb and brushing with middle finger
  6. Tremolo with thumb
  7. Descending glissando with thumb followed by ascending glissando with middle finger
  8. Tremolo with 3 or 4 fingers

Left Hand Techniques:

  1. Ascending portamento
  2. Descending portamento
  3. Vibrato with 3 fingers
  4. Double stop with portamento
  5. Stroke on left-hand side of bridges
  6. Harmonics
  7. Harmonic notes on same string
  8. Non-pitched notes
  9. Brushing